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Our proverb says, "Pouring water into a broken jar.“
The "window" should be opened when I want to communicate with the outside world and closed completely when I don't want to.
A window that is not fully closed will continue to drain energy and introduce hazardous materials. You're actually pouring water into a broken jar. So, have you ever thought about whether the window you're using is really completely closed?

Unfortunately, there are numerous unseen cracks and holes in a typical sliding window.
Although you have firmly believed that the windows you've been using have been closed, the reality has always been left open, which has resulted in continuous exposure to pollutants such asfine dust, yellow dust, external noise and harmful insects which have been damaging your health.
As a result, the "window" that wants to completely shut down the outer space is not doing its job and play its role.

Nabsystem began its long journey to find a solution, starting with this fundamental question of the role of the "window.“ With the belief that "if you change the front wheels, everything in the window will evolve."
So we developed the world's first active, New Horizontal Driving System (NDS)
where vertical wheels lie 90 degrees and run on walls, not floors or rails, with the idea that no one has ever thought of before.

The NDS driving method proposed by Nabsystem is a revolutionary technology that realizes active mobile technology that freely crosses straight lines and curves beyond the limits of the existing passive window technology that could only be done in a straight line. There are many first-class windows in South Korea, but we are confident that the only window in the Homepack system window that has achieved a level 1 or higher that can actually completely block the air
(to achieve zero level of air-tightness).