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Energy Efficient Window

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Did you know that the "Energy Consumption Efficiency Rating System" is also applied to windows?

More than 40 percent of the energy used to heat and cool buildings is wasted through windows. If the total energy cost is a dollar, more than 40 cents of that is leaking through the window without my knowledge.

Coal is imported to produce energy that is not used at all and is wasted, resulting in carbon and fine dust, which is the main cause of environmental pollution.

To reduce this, the government has applied the energy consumption efficiency rating system to windows and doors since July 1, 2012.

The energy consumption efficiency of the window is distinguished from class 1 to 5 based on thermal perfusion rate and confidential performance. High-performance products lead to increased sales and contribute to product development for companies. At the same time, the product was marked with a rating so that consumers could choose windows more efficiently.

에너지소비효율등급 1등급

Homepack is an eco-friendly system window that protects the
energy of the indoor space with its first-class energy consumption efficiency performance.