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High insulation curtain wall with triplex glass and insulation bar

Homepack Curtain Wall NAB ACW 180

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Homepack curtain wall, which takes into account the design wind pressure of the residential building, is applied with an insulation bar, which embraces the structural functions that the outer wall should have while boasting high insulation performance. In addition, it provides a pleasant environment while maximizing lighting from various external environments such as wind, rain, and snow.

  • Homepack curtain wall maximized factory manufacturing to minimize misconstruction in the field.
  • The structure is optimized for rapidly changing weather conditions by applying insulation bar.
  • When constructing a 180mm curtain wall, Homepack 177mm single window can be applied according to the customer's choice.
  • Homepack is leading the environmental protection with high-efficiency green energy products.
  • The exterior can be applied in a variety of colors with aluminum.

Status of General Products Registration by Public Procurement Service

Curtain Wall / Gallery Window / Insect Screen

No. Devision Identification
Content Environmental
Test Result Purpose
Class of
Perfusion Rate
1 Metal-making Window 23579318 Insulation Curtain Wall/Fluorine Resin Twice
JAN 3, 2019 to JAN 2, 2021 1 1 0.823 Insulation, Windproof, Airtight, Soundproof, Ventilation, Lighting
2 Metal-making Window 23575596 Gallery Window/Fluorine Resin Twice
NAB-AW-AG01, 100mm
- Ventilation, Lighting
3 Metal-making Window 23579319 Insect Screen/Fluorine Resin Twice
- Insect Repellent

Curtain Wall

Gallery Window

Insect Screen