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CEO greeting

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“Healthy windows ... Nabsystem Homepack”

Sky full of fine dust .. Would it be safe if we stayed indoors?
We suffer from fine dust all day long, but when we come back home, we feel comfortable.
Because we believe there is no gap when we close the window.
But do you think so? How can you tell if it's a window with a lot of gaps?

Unfortunately, we use the sliding window most often in our daily living space, pushing and closing sideways.
The reason is that it is very cheap and usable compared to the system window.
The system window is opened and closed by pulling forward, but the sliding window is opened and closed by pushing sideways. Of course, it's a structure that inevitably creates a lot of gaps.
These technical limitations make it impossible to effectively block contaminants entering from outside.

Because of these gaps in the windows, when the sky is filled with fine dust, our indoor space will be filled with fine dust. Even when we go home from work, eat dinner, laugh and enjoy as watch TV with our loved ones, and sleep, we are completely exposed to fine dust and various harmful substances.

Nabsystem developed a completely different concept of wheel, "NDS (New Horizontal Driving System)," away from the existing wheels used by all window companies around the world.
NDS technology is an innovative technology that can move straight and curve freely beyond the limits of conventional wheels that can only be straightened out, providing a clue to evolving everything in the window.

Based on innovative NDS technology, Nabsystem designed a "healthy and reliable window" with no gaps, and can manufacture and distribute system windows at innovative prices that were difficult to install at high prices.

Now, we will secure a pleasant interior space and ensure the precious health of our family through the declaration of popularization of the system window.

CEO  Jang, Hyok-Soo