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Protection Window from Outside Cold Air

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Which material should be used to block the gap?

  • Brush gasket
  • Section of brush gasket

Brush gasket


Rubber gasket

  • Weather strip on a car
  • Rubber gasket

If there's a lot of invisible gap in the window, it's no different from keeping the windows open all the time.

Brush gasket and rubber gasket are materials used to block these window gaps.

  • Worn out toothbrush
  • Damaged brush gasket
  • Damaged brush gasket dust

Brush gasket is a straight line fabric made of a toothbrush head, which inevitably creates a gap
between the fibers and the fibers. These fibers are thin, easily worn, brittle, and even crushed by
ultraviolet rays over time, making them vulnerable in terms of durability, so they cannot
completely block windows.

Brush gasket is a structure through which air
passes and the free play becomes more
severe when deformed.


Perfect blocking is possible when using
rubber gaskets.

But why are we using a weak brush gasket in a typical window (sliding window)?
This is due to the structure in which the wheels of the windows move only in a straight line,
and when the rubber gasket is applied,it is difficult to move the windows due to friction.

What happens when you install a brush gasket on a car door that runs at 100km/h?
Dust, noise and wind from the outside will enter the vehicle, making it unbearable for the driver.
For this reason, automotive doors use rubber gaskets that are relatively rigid and durable.

Unlike ordinary cars, the door of the van shows that it is allowed to play at a certain distance
from the body and then move in a straight line, a way to remove the friction structure and use
the rubber gasket as a confidential material.

  • Expensive system window
  • Tilt & Sliding system window

If you look at a window in an advanced country with good performance, the windowpane
is sped away by a certain distance from the window frame and then moved in a straight line,
which is the same principle as a car door.

Homepack is a window that applies rubber gasket, which was difficult to apply to existing sliding
windows, but also realizes sliding closing structure with a new concept of NDS drive.