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Nabsystem leads new changes and innovations on the system window market.

Nabsystem presents new paradigms and standards to the Korean window market by
boldly breaking away from the stereotype of existing uniform system windows and
providing innovative and creative functions called active horizontal driving wheels
through continuous R&D efforts in the field of system windows to realize actual
eco-friendly energy-saving buildings.

  • Realization of the
    world's first fully
    closed window
    technology with
    zero level of
  • Development of
    Innovative active
    horizontal driving wheel
    source technology
    (NDS New Driving System)
  • Realization of
    Energy Saving

Vision and Objectives

Nabsystem always think of technology for people and the environment first.

Warm technology for people

Buildings should be places where people feel the most comfortable and happy.

Nabsystem considers developing technology that thinks people first as a priority.

Technology for the Environment

The building is the most energy consuming space.

"Developing technologies that dramatically reduce energy use"

Is a shortcut to saving resources and protecting the environment.

Nabsystem is an eco-friendly company that continuously strives to realize energy-saving for eco-friendly buildings.

Nabsystem have constantly pondered and developed to develop system windows that emphasize originality and important future values.

Nabsystem does not simply create universal windows, but presents new standards for system
window technology with creative, rational and economical designs tailored to the needs of users.

And the ultimate goal of the Nabsystem is to complete a new concept of an evolving design of system window that emphasizes creativity and innovation that no one can overcome.